What is contentment?

Share your experience and understanding of contentment, Guideline number 3 from the 16G, with the FDCW community.

Send us photos, drawings, cartoons, doodles, collages, musings, thoughts, quotes, poems, stories, songs etc. etc. etc. about your experience and understanding of contentment and we will collate them and share them with the FDCW community. 

Send them to us by email to: info (@) compassionandwisdom.org.

Need some inspiration? Read on...

What is contentment?

  • Take a moment to sit up straight, rolling the shoulders back, resting the hands in the lap or on the knees, and planting the feet firmly on the floor.
  • Become aware of the weight of the body in the chair.
  • Notice the sensations of where the body is making contact - with the chair, the floor…
  • Bring the attention to the breath; the gentle rise and fall that happens all by itself.
  • Expand the awareness to the whole body sitting, breathing.

And now notice what comes up for you when you read this quote from Socrates: “Contentment is natural wealth.”

  • What is arising?
  • Physical sensation? Emotions? Thoughts?
  • Images? Memories? People? Places? Events?
  • Is what is surfacing a representation of contentment?

Finally, how might you share this with others?

Send in your ideas!