Pledge to be Patient!
Pledge to be Patient!
Pledge to be Patient!

Here is an exercise to get you thinking about how anger makes your body feel.

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The Patience Pledge!

1. Think of a situation that regularly makes you angry, annoyed, frustrated or impatient.
• Picture how that makes you feel.
• How does that impact on others around you?

2. Pledge that over the coming weeks you will make a determined effort to be more Patient in that situation.
• Repeat it to yourself a few times. “I pledge to be Patient when…”
• Write it on a piece of paper and stick it where you can see it - on your fridge, on your computer, in your wallet…
• Make some art around your pledge
• Remember the fence…

3. When you feel you are about to get angry
• Seize your chance 
• Remember your pledge
• Reflect on the consequences if you allow yourself to get angry – hold back!
• Take a few spacious breaths
• Breath in patience and allow any feelings of anger to dissolve

4. Go one step further… use it for a greater good
Contribute to the Collective Positive Momentum
Offer the positive energy you have created - by practising Patience - to a greater good!
Whenever we think, speak or act with a positive intention, we generate positive energy in the world.
This energy can be directed towards something worthwhile.

You could offer it to…


… the recovery of a friend/family member who is sick


… all people affected in the refugee crises


… create more peace and harmony in the world


… FDCW, to continue to spread these much needed educational programmes and tools


… something else that touches you


And next time you're patient, take time to offer the positive energy out and...


 5. Inspired by the results?  Found it useful?  
• Think of another situation that regularly makes you angry, annoyed, frustrated or impatient
Make a further pledge to yourself!
• Encourage others to take the Patience pledge
• Share your positive experience with others.  Submit a short story for our next newsletter (max 200 words).
Send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by May 31st 2016.