Seven Steps

"I can confidently state that this was the most influential and consequential workshop of my teaching career to date. It is my hope to promulgate this sort of an emotional curriculum in a secondary educational model, and this workshop provided the tools and orientation for doing so"
- Adrienne Miller, USA (high school teacher)

The Seven Steps to Awakening Knowledge, Strength and Compassion is a practical teaching framework for awakening the hearts and minds of children, youth and adults, which has grown organically from over 20 years of working with children aged 3-10 years old.

Starting with the question “What do I really want?” the philosophy and methodologies of the Seven Steps are designed to generate insights into the nature of the external world, our own internal world (psychology) and the interconnectedness of the two, in a way that will naturally support the process of developing positive qualities and of learning how to lead a happier and more meaningful life.

For educators, this framework offers an alternative map upon which to base their curriculum, without compromising the subject requirements of any mainstream learning programme. Although the material was initially developed for pre-school and primary school aged children, it is adaptable for all ages.

Tools and resources supplied within The Seven Steps include:

  • Dialogue, simple questioning and logical reasoning
  • Reflection and mindfulness
  • Interactive games and art projects
  • The creation of a nurturing educational environment

The Seven Steps is a recognized FDCW programme developed by Creating Compassionate Cultures (CCC), an organisation which operates internationally from its base in California, USA. Contact CCC to book for training courses in The Seven Steps or for more information about how this programme will suit your needs.

Creating Compassionate Cultures is run by Pam Cayton, the founder of Tara Redwood School and the author of Compassion in Education.