16 Guidelines Workshop Mexico City

“If we all were guided by the Guidelines, the world would be different.” - Participant, 16G Workshop, Mexico City, October 2013

“I am very happy that after planning this course for long time, finally we could have it. There were 18 people. And a baby! People came from different areas, both newcomers and those who have been involved with The 16 Guidelines for a while. There was even a twelve-year-old girl and she was really interested!” writes 16 Guidelines facilitator Martha Cabral.

“It was a nice group. Even those who already knew the 16 Guidelines and had taken the course before were very interested and participated actively. The participants seemed very interested in using the Guidelines, and some of them want to continue with the follow-up training Building on the Basics (BoB). Some of them even want to become facilitators.”

The course was also attended by Brenda Tapia who has been using the 16 Guidelines with street children in Mexico City as part of her ‘Proyecto Tushita’ project.

Participant comments included:

“It was wonderful, discovering the 16 Guidelines and its potential to develop a better world.”

“Very good, appropriate, well planned. Useful and motivating. Inspiring.”

“Very dynamic, with different techniques.”