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Contribution by Adriana Ortiz Stern

Brenda and I have recently finished facilitating a beautiful 16 Guidelines (16G) activity; it was a special one since it was planned for moms, new moms mainly. Papakiyoga is a community centre for families who want to share the experience of being parents and learn from each other. They have been offering different activities for about three years now and when they heard about the 16G program they invited us to collaborate with them. So we did!

It was a four-month journey that took us from Humility to Courage in an all-new way. The main focus was to develop each of the guidelines in us, so we are prepared to raise kids who know from the start they have all these qualities within them and can live by them.

Each week we would start our session with some minutes of mindfulness to prepare our minds and hearts to welcome a new guideline. We would analyse it, talk about experiences related to it, find new ways to apply it to our lives, and leave the session with a deeper understanding of what each guideline means. We had the whole week to experience what it is like to go through life and its challenges and joys with the guidelines in mind; and were eager to talk about it at every new session.





By the end of our journey we were closer to each other and quite happy to know that we are part of a bigger group of people who are actively doing something to make this world a better place for everyone; that our children can grow knowing they have so many qualities, and that by developing them they are discovering their true potential in order to bring peace and happiness to the world.

Since I am a new mom too, this workshop was especially close to my heart. To become a mom is an overwhelming experience. Having a guidelines in mind makes it so much easier and enjoyable; it adds meaning to each and every moment of it. I love seeing my son through my guidelines glasses. Thank you so much for this beautiful program.

Below are some of the participants testimonials:

“For me it was very important to transmit this information to my baby, Ramses, who is 14 months old. It’s important to raise him with these values, and also show him the lives of important people like the ones in the book.”

“To live, experience, feel and recognise each attitude in our daily life was something very important for me; it was great to connect with these positive guidelines; first to think about them, then to feel them, and finally to apply them.”

“For me it was beautiful to receive this information. I hope it can expand to every school, to every mom, so we can all connect and help to integrate these principles, these positive thoughts, to the little seeds that are our children.”

“Two things from these workshops were really important for me: Right Speech, and having been able to discover that everything comes from within ourselves, because I thought some things were external like Satisfaction; so it was a great discovery to see that it also comes from within. I really hope to use these guidelines and transmit them to my baby Melissa who is 10 months old, thank you, it was a great finding for my life.”