Flowers and games
Creativity for a good cause
Creativity for a good cause

“I shall pass this way but once; any good that I can do or any kindness I can show to any human being, let me do it now. Let me not defer nor neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again.” -Etienne de Grellet
This quote by the Quaker missionary Etienne de Grellet was chosen by participants in Guadalajara to encapsulate their experience taking part in the BoB 16 Guidelines follow-up  programme this year.

13 people met regularly over a period of 10 weeks as they continued to explore questions such as ‘What is a meaningful life?’ and ‘How can I best help others?’, as well as deepen their understanding of and practice the tools learnt during the 16G Level 1 workshop.

For their community project they chose to bring some lightness and inspiration to passers-by in a local cafe by offering them flowers with positive messages hanging from the stems. People responded with surprise, gratefulness, joy and the occasional hug!

‘Find your treasure’- a 16G-inspired game was born

Meanwhile, a few kilometres away in Mexico City, a similar activity for passers-by was brewing, only this time the six BoB participants decided to go for a more ‘playful’ approach and designed a game to: ‘help people become aware of the decisions they take in life as well as the way in which our attitude has an influence on our environment’.

The goal of the game is for participants to find their ‘inner treasure’, and to do that they have to navigate a map with different routes and challenges. Each challenge is related to a particular guideline and wisdom theme and includes both imagined scenarios to react to and practical activities to complete there and then.

The game was played in a big park, with lots of materials available for participants to be able to complete their challenges in order to finish the game and find their inner treasure.

For example, under the guideline of patience the imagined scenario for children was: What do you do when you want to say something to your parents when they are talking to someone else? And for adults: Imagine it is your day off work and you are really looking forward to relaxing at home. You suddenly remember you need to make an urgent payment and head to the bank, only to realise there is a long queue of people in front of you. What is your reaction?

An example of the challenge for the guideline of aspiration for children was: Go and find an adult and ask them what their dreams and ideals were when they were growing up. Then share your own dreams with them. When you finish come and create a drawing to capture your dreams so you can take them with you and remember them.

And for adults: Go and find a young person and ask them what their dreams and aspirations are. Take notice of them and then if appropriate share with them what your aspirations were when you were their age. Come back and create a bookmark that will serve as a reminder of your aspirations.

The reward
In order to find the treasure participants have to complete at least 1 challenge per wisdom theme, after which they can decide to continue playing or get their treasure. The treasure consisted of a pack of cards with explanations of each guideline, and some chocolate gold coins!

The game was launched on a Sunday afternoon right next to the lake in Mexico City’s popular Chapultepec park. People really marvelled and were willing to engage and play the game, with 12 participants overall, from all ages groups: three children, four teens, two adults and three elders. They all seemed very grateful and content to have participated.
At the end of the day, the BoB group got together to debrief and shared that they had learnt many lessons that day from the participants and that many of them were already aware of the importance of the guidelines in their daily life. They found this finding very rewarding.

The group are now looking for other locations to take the game to. If you are a Spanish speaker and interested to find out more about the game do get in touch with Esther at: esther @