16G Level 1-inspired course
Inspired by 16Guidelines
Inspired by 16Guidelines

5. and 6. September 2015

by Martha Melendez

"This weekend was a beautiful present for us! We got so inspired by the contagious energy which was generated during these two days!!!

Although there was a lot to digest, the way the course was structured and mainly the way Marian facilitated it kept everyone’s interest, motivation and participation very high!

The group activities, the self- reflections and the experimental approach allowed each one of the participants to be fully committed the whole time!

The common feedback from all of us was that it was really useful! We all said we could see ourselves using the cards in our day-to-day life (both at work as in our personal lives).

We will naturally influence others to become better people!

One of the participants who came from Portugal even said: "I have been looking for something like this and I finally found it!"

We don't want this journey to finish here and decided together to continue deepening in the 16G! We don't want to do it only for our own personal growth but also because the 16G are the pillars of our group of volunteers that want to serve by giving company to people that are close to death.

We want to thank Marian and Universal Education for bringing this wonderful project close to our lives!”