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The Tara Redwood School parent community recently gathered for it's annual school auction this February. The auction primarily funds scholarships, but also exhibits the children's understanding as the CCC inspired art is the highlight of the evening, by far. Each piece is a meaningful & collaborative class project, expressing each child's Mindful Intention (Step One). The oldest class of 6th graders, gathered their Intentions (of how they were going to make a positive difference in the world) from the whole year, then wrote them on a petal which grew and bloomed into the flower of life. Interconnection (Step Two) and perception (Step Three) were explored through geography, history and cultural studies when they created a book of poetry from scratch. The photography, poetry, papermaking and bookbinding explored the Seven Steps in a practical way, reinforcing children's ability to make a positive difference in the world with their own hands. 

Selection  of children’s intentions:

Be open to different cultures because you may find ways to improve your own. 
Take advantage of new beginnings to practice integrity with your intentions. 
Try to focus on the positive aspects of changes to help your body and mind be healthy.  
Practice taking care of your elders because someday they won’t be with you.  
Remember your sacred place because it’s always with you.    
An inspired group creates happiness and good energy.  
Consider each day a new opportunity to have a new perspective on life.