New 16G inspired courses at the University of Toronto

Mindfulness and ethical values in business: conscious integration and application for a compassionate and productive workplace

On May 5 and 6 Sharon Babineau and Laurie Dolan co-facilitated this workshop for the first time at the University of Toronto's Applied Mindfulness Meditation Continuing Education Programme.

The main objective was to deepen participants’ understanding of ethical values at work in ways that could be enhanced and embodied by adapting the 16 Guidelines programme to their needs. For example, participants developed a Purpose Statement using the 16 Guidelines and an Action Plan to put their learning into action for when they returned to their workplaces. These proved to be creative and insightful tools for them. 

We were delighted with the positive feedback and success of this new workshop; a deepening of their general introduction to the Ethics Through Mindfulness, which was a prerequisite for most participants.

If you would like to read more about the rationale for using the 16 Guidelines as a basis for the Ethics Through Mindfulness course that is part of the Applied Mindfulness Meditation Certificate Programme at the University of Toronto we recommend you read the recently published article here: Developing a Mindful Moral Compass: embodying ethics for mindfulness trained practitioners.

Some of the feedback received:

"The specific examples of applications were so powerful for behaviour in the workplace. The attendees formed cohesive groups very quickly and discussions were rich and productive."

"Relevant to all workplaces and should be required for all HR, managers, directors and corporations".