A busy springtime at Education Universelle France

May has been active for all of us here; Hilary McMichael led a fully-booked (with waiting list!) Transformative Mindfulness Methods workshop at the Institute Vajra Yogini.

First 16 Guidelines workshop in Paris a success
On the 28/29 May we ran 16 Guidelines Level 1 trainings both in Lavaur (with Christophe Bertraneu and myself) and in Paris (with Hilary McMichael and Virginie Cornet). This was the first 16G workshop in Paris, and 11 people attended.

22 people attended the Level 1 in Lavaur and the positive energy of the workshop was felt all around the centre; Sunday afternoon there were two big rainbows in the sky.

One of the participants shared the following a few days after participating in the workshop:

“Here is an experience and some thoughts I'd like to share. This morning while I was doing house-cleaning work I imagined I was clearing away old habits. As I was doing it, I felt a real sense of joy and the job, my back and knees were forgotten.

Then I stopped and listened to my body and decided to pick a 16G card; I got 'aspiration' from the theme of ‘how we find meaning’. So I read the relevant chapter in the 16G book and found I have many aspirations after the course: to share my knowledge of how to be more relaxed; to help others (my childhood prepared me for that; although initially by obligation now by choice); to encourage others (I know that change and transformation are possible); to continue to discover new things, and so forth.”

New PowerPoint presentations for 16 Guidelines
There was a wonderful response to the recently upgraded PowerPoint presentations for the course. As a facilitator I found the new presentation very coherent, making the connections between the wisdom themes and activities clear.

We are now gearing up for 1,2,3 Bonheur,our annual summer workshop for families.

I rejoice each time I think of our group - the dedication and energy that each one contributes creates great strength, diversity and creativity. In our hearts is the vision of Lama Yeshe and our commitment to benefit others through these programmes.

Gratitude to Françoise Normand for hatching (o)EUF

Finally, I would like to offer big BIG thanks and appreciation to Françoise Normand, who brought Universal Education to France, and who nurtured it for so many years with a kind and compassionate motivation and enormous dedication.

This springtime she went through all the resources she has collected and developed over the years and generously passed them on to different members of the group to use and develop. In French (o)EUF means ‘egg’ and Françoise has truly hatched this beautiful EUF.

Françoise Normand with participants