16 Guidelines workshops continue in Mexico

16 Guidelines in Aguascalientes
We are happy to share that Martha Cabral and Martha Portillo recently facilitated a successful 16 Guidelines Level 1 in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Here is what they report:

“There were 17 participants including psychologists, teachers and doctors. People were very enthusiastic and participated very actively and happily. Most of them were already thinking about how to use the 16 Guidelines with the family, with teenagers and in their work. 12 of them want to continue with the Building on the Basics follow-on programme - in fact they have already started it!”

Feedback from participants included:

“Very good!” “I could contact with the emotions.” “Excellent, the tools I take with me make me feel free and will make others happy.” “Very good, I enjoyed it. It will be very useful.” “Very complete, practical, useful for everyday life.” “Enriching, very useful. A lot to practice. Magnificent!” “It reconnected me with my emotions and my values.” “The structure of the course very easy to understand and applied to our life.” “Magnificent! Very well presented.” “Very beautiful, important for my personal life, family, social life and work.” “Dynamic and joyful. Interesting, nice, inspiring and scientific.” “Entertaining, interactive, didactic and very interesting.”