Transformative Mindfulness Methods news

A Mindful Society Conference, Toronto, Canada
From May 13 - 15 Shelley Urlando (Program Co-ordinator for Universal Education in Canada) represented The Centre For Compassion and Wisdom, Ontario as one of the community partners at the second annual Mindful Society Conference. The conference brings visionaries and community together to share cutting-edge research, evidence-based practices and emerging developments in the application of mindfulness in key sectors of society.

A highlight was a keynote talk by Thubten Jinpa, The Dalai Lama's translator, Senior Contemplative Advisor and member of the Board of Directors for the Mind Life Institute, about the importance of compassion in mindfulness practice. He also voiced the Dalai Lama's emphasis that secular education should not be a front or bridge to attract people to Buddhism. Seven facilitators of 16 Guidelines and Transformative Mindfulness Methods participated, including Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw, co-author of 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life. This was her first public appearance since her accident two years ago.

First TMM Urban Retreat hosted in Ottawa, Canada
At the end of April the Ottawa Mindfulness Network hosted its first experiential weekend that introduced Transformative Mindfulness Methods to a group of mindfulness professionals and practitioners. Participants reported that TMM took mindfulness a step further and deeper with the potential of increased healing on all levels. Shelley Urlando assisted Craig Mackie in delivering this mind-opening exploration and validation of a potential within themselves that they had not accessed before.

One participant commented that the most useful aspect of this retreat was the unique approaches to discovering the self and opening up to new perspectives

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