Funding appeal

Update from the 2016 funding appeal

We are so moved by the UECW worldwide network support to help us through these challenging times, both through donations and moral support.

Since our second round appeal went out on October 4th, we have received an amazing total of:

  • 12 one-off pledges totalling £20,914.80
    (including one donation of £20,000 from a kind new benefactor!!!)
  • 2 monthly recurring donations totalling £50 plus £80 from donations already recurred
  • 2 donations pledged through other FDCW appeals totalling £14,500               
  • This builds on the donations received in the first round appeal of £8,736

To make a grand total of £44,280.80 received


We offer the HUGEST thanks to everyone who is supporting us to continue to spread Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom programmes and resources across the world.

These much needed methods and techniques will bring about long-lasting positive personal change for an increasing number of people and in turn gradually bring about the social change for which we aspire.

There is still a way to go to reaching our target of £100,000 by end of December but we are almost half way there. 

Remainder to raise £55,719.20

Contribute to bringing about more a peaceful and compassionate world. Your contribution matters however small or large.

Even donating £5 per month, makes a difference

Thanks to the donations already received, we will be able to stay open for the first six months of 2017 in a reduced capacity. Your further support could still really make a difference.

With the right motivation and the right tools together we can collectively contribute to being and seeing the change that we want to see in the world.  

As a thank you for your help, FDCW is happy to offer...

A preview of the 16G app prior to its public launch to everyone who donates.              

The 16G app will offer stimulating ways to engage with the guidelines, reflecting on them and acting on them on a daily basis, in a form which is easily to hand. It will be available to download via IOS and Android. Anticipated in early 2017.

Complimentary access to the 16G study kit to all donors of £100 or more.

Delivered over the course of 5 weeks, the study kit will provide new material to explore the 16G using a range of methodologies such as: audiovisual presentations; guided reflections; journaling; and reflective questioning. Anticipated in 2017.