Regional partnerships

New regional partnerships and collaboration: an update from Education Universelle France

A conversation with Nicolas Brun from Education Universelle France was all it took to feel awe at the developments taking place for the small group based in the southwest of France. After several years of consistently running packed 16 Guidelines, Transformative Mindfulness Methods and Creating Compassionate Cultures (CCC) workshops locally, they are now expanding to new geographies and audiences.

For example, this August Pam Cayton was invited to deliver a 7 Steps to Knowledge, Strenght and Compassion workshop to a group of mostly teachers, but also a few key collaborators. One of them was author Dominique Butet, who has written a series of books on meditation for children and who will now look into universal education themes for her future work.

Another partnership was formed with the founder of the popular parenting blog ‘la chaîne des Parents Parfaitement Imparfaits’ (the network for the perfectly imperfect parents), where she hosts a series of interviews and articles about alternative and eco parenting. During the course she did a couple of interviews for her blog, you can watch the one with Pam Cayton here.

Additionally, present was a member from the Mouvement Colibris, a France-wide movement that aims to build a more humane and sustainable future, inspired in the philosophy of Pierre Rabhi, and which Nicolas mentions is a very significant voice in the conversation around alternative living across France.

Nicolas emphasised how these partnershps will help universal education reach many more people who are looking for an education of the heart and mind, and bring universal education ideas to new and friendly audiences. He mentioned that participants reported that the ethical and values aspect of universal education programmes is something that is lacking form other alternatives available.

Nicolas also shared the good news that the materials for the online CCC training will be available in French as soon as January, as many people who attended the August workshop would like to become accredited. And to support this there is a group of teachers that meet every three months to nurture each other on introducing the Seven Steps to Knowledge, Strength and Compassion methods into the classroom.

Who knows, maybe there will be a CCC school in France very soon!

16 Attitudes regional collaboration
And if that wasn’t already plenty, we also know that the 16 Attitudes (16 Guidelines in French) workshops were delivered this October over the same weekend in Lavaur and Paris. Both have been very well received and there is now a Building on the Basics follow-on course offered online that for the first time includes participants from both regions. This is another example of collaboration that reaches beyond the existing local audience, and creates a wider community of practice.

1,2,3 Bonheur summer camp new format
Another positive development is that after this year’s successful family camp (15 families participating), EUF have decided to offer more frequent opportunities for families to connect throughout the year, so participants don’t have to wait 12 months before getting together again.

We will share more information about the format as it develops, in the meantime please enjoy some of the inspiring photos from this years camp:



123Participants4 123Participants5

Finally, if you haven’t already, we invite you to see EUF’s new website where you can find information on upcoming trainings.