Online Certification for CCC

Online certification for Creating Compassionate Cultures starts on  January

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Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to deepen your understanding of the 7 Steps to Knowledge, Strength & Compassion wherever you are.

This programme is not intended solely for teachers, it can be used by anyone who aspires to empower themselves to make a positive difference in the world by guiding others through the steps to develop wisdom and compassion.

The Online Institute for Creating Compassionate Cultures certification programme offers twelve interrelated modules that lead participants through the 7 Steps to Knowledge, Strength & Compassion pedagogy, providing the opportunity for deep personal and professional growth, as well as practical application of the 7 Steps methodologies.

Participants in the program spend one year studying concepts via dynamic audio and video lessons provided on the OICCC portal. This is followed by a two-week internship at our pilot project, Tara Redwood School. Finally, a portfolio project is completed that requires research, serious reflection, and application of course materials.

Anne Agerbo, a psychologist from Denmark who participated in the last term writes of her experience:

“Being part of the CCC cohort has been a wonderful journey of learning and development. Taking part on the forum discussion, committing to the reflections and digging into the assignments proved to be like unwrapping a present, that multiplied the minute I started sharing the CCC elements with family, friends, clients and my work and living community.

Taking the seven CCC steps into therapy and supervision has been very beneficial. Not only to the people whom I work with, but to me personally as well, because it has brought me closer to my professional heart and values.

I would like to highly recommend this education, program and model to anyone who wants live and act out a life based on kindness, compassion, social and environmental sustainability, for all who are willing to embark on a journey toward embracing suffering while creating true happiness.”

Certification will also be available in French
CCC is in the process of working with Education Universelle France to translate the OICCC Certification Training into French. We plan that the French training will be available to launch in January as well.

Congratulations to recent graduates
We would like to CONGRATULATE Risa Fowler and Madeleine Forth for their completion of the certification.  Risa  based her work on an integration of CCC into her TriYoga Programme in the USA and Madeleine created her portfolio on Parenting with Wisdom and Compassion in Australia.

Adriana Ortiz Stern, from Mexico City, has completed her portfolio and has only her internship to do in order to earn her full certification. Adriana wrote her portfolio based on integrating CCC into Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) Programme, with her focus on learning about the world of bugs and insects.

There are several other participants who are very close to working on their final portfolio project, which is a very detailed work on integrating CCC through one Theme, five subject areas and the Seven Steps. We REJOICE for all the wonderful effort and perseverance of these participants and make the dedication that their hard work will bring benefit to countless beings!

If you have specific questions about how you will be able to apply the 7 Steps within your project or organization, please email us directly at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.