The Potential Project's Global Gathering

Paul Wielgus recently returned from The Potential Project’s (TPP) gathering in New York with lots of energy and inspiration. We asked him to share some of that with our newsletter readers, and here is what he wrote:

Rasmus Hougaard, director and founder of TPP, had this vision for Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training in the workplace 12 years ago, and it was a joy to see this being realised at the TPP Gathering in 2016.

Over 120 people gathered for six days of retreat, presentations, workshops and celebration at the amazing Garrison Institute, just outside New York, in November 2016.

The main aims of this astonishing gathering were:

  • To celebrate The Potential Project (TPP) that brings peace, kindness and wisdom to tens of thousand of human beings
  • To connect with our colleagues from around the world
  • To learn about the future developments and plans for The Potential Project
  • To attend an exclusive retreat with world-renowned ‘happiest person in the world, French monk Matthieu Ricard

For me this last element was the absolute highlight of an amazing week. Matthieu is a big supporter of The Potential Project, and this is due in no small way to the devotion and passion of one of Potential Project’s main architects, Erick Rinner.

I personally am so pleased to have had the opportunity to rely on Matthieu’s support and guidance, particularly through him strongly advocating for ‘Caring Mindfulness’ to be incorporated as an essential component of the Mindfulness training that we are bringing into the business world.

One extraordinary aspect of the week was to have Matthieu with us as the news broke of the result of the American election. He gave a wonderful teaching which was hugely helpful to all of us, but particularly to the large number of participants from North America who were directly and visibly affected.

Matthieu Ricard said:

“The most powerful thing we can do is to continue the pursuit of wisdom and compassion, because this is the best source for change for ourselves and society.... we know that everything will pass, but it is up to us to determine what will come next.”

Even in the midst of this these challenging times, the group were able to cultivate a sense of joy and be hopeful about the future.


Potential Project Gathering

In addition to 100+ TPP trainers, we also had key clients such as Accenture, Herbert Smith Freehills and McKinsey at the event, and very respected thinkers in the field, such as meditation teacher Glen Svensson and Dan Siegel, clinical professor of psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and the founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center at UCLA. Dan is also author of and contributor to multiple articles, chapters and books on the subject, including ‘The Mindful Brain’.

TPP to write the ‘definitive’ book on Mindfulness for the Harvard Business Review magazine

Another highlight of the week was the announcement that TPP have been selected by leading global business magazine The Harvard Business Review to write the ‘definitive’ mindfulness book, working title ‘The Mind of a Leader’. The global circulation of this publication is over 300,000, and will ensure that TPP continues to be a leader in mindfulness training for corporations, ensuring more and more people in the workplace enjoy the benefits of a mindfulness practice in their work and in their life.

Who knows what the impact of The Potential Project on the business world will have had when we meet again in 2017.