Make 2017 a year of compassion

As 2016 draws to a close, why not take up the Dalai Lama’s challenge and pledge to promote compassion and religious harmony over the coming year? Whether you are religious or not, this is an opportunity to strengthen your inner sources of peace and happiness.

Proposed by The Dalai Lama at an inter-faith event in October, here we transcribe (and lightly edit!) the English from the original video:

We should determine or make some kind of pledge from now on as an individual:

I will make every effort to promote religious harmony, as well as promote the human deeper value that is compassion.  

Each of you has, I imagine, at least 10 or 15 friends. So share this understanding with your 10 or 15 friends.  Each friend can then share with his or her own friends. That means from one person, 10 people will benefit, from 10 people, 100 people, 100 people, 1000 people like that. So that is the way to spread this understanding or awareness of this deeper value: compassion.   

In a materialistic world we always talk about money. Money is something useful to support our happier life. But, if we really want a happy life, then the most important factor for a happy life is warm-heartedness. If we have a compassionate mind, then anger reduces, jealousy reduces. Anger and jealously - these are the real destroyers of our inner peace.

So as much as we pay attention to money, I think that we should pay at least the same, if not more, attention to our inner values. Money is external richness; warm-heartedness is internal richness. Without inner richness, and just plenty of money, we won’t have much meaning, and instead worries, stress, jealousy, and a sense of competition.

So inner richness is a major factor for a happy life, a happy family, and a happy community. In that way, a happy humanity very much depends on our inner values.  

So please, if you agree, then please try to spread this awareness - that the ultimate source of happiness is within yourself: compassion.