Life after the CCC certification

Life after the Creating Compassionate Cultures (CCC) certification

After achieving the CCC online certification on the Seven Steps, rich and diverse opportunities to share the principles and skills of universal education have abounded.

These opportunities include teaching in an after-school program for elementary aged children and sharing some of the CCC Steps with the second grade class at Stevenson School in Carmel, California, as well as bringing the neuroscience of meditation to some of the patients at a functional medicine office in Santa Barbara, CA.

Inspired Living after school workshop

During the after-school workshop called Inspired Living, our focus was on Step 5 transforming harmful qualities. We discussed the ability to make this happen through the lenses of Steps 1 (mindful intention) and 4 (perspective) sharing and spreading good energy by intentionally developing the helpful qualities, using our thoughts like a paintbrush to paint out intentions into the world.

We discussed the power of our choices and how they propagate from us outward like a ripple in a pond. We made mandala artwork to remind ourselves how we wish to show up in our world and affect the community around us with our ‘ripples’.

Students were excited about the tools and chose to set an intention for the duration of the time we shared together to try to respond to triggers with care, and to notice when anger arises so that they could chose space and a helpful quality instead of a reflexive reaction.

This intention was revisited each session and it was amazing how much power it offered the kids to hold their centre to address aggravating events, or to reflect upon their choices and actions when a moment got away from them.

One important tool we focused on was the breath. Given that it is always with us, it makes a powerful ally in managing our choices when we feel ourselves beginning to experience a trigger.

Give Paz (peace) a Chance

This work will continue this coming trimester at Stevenson School with a workshop called Give Paz a Chance. We will develop several tools for the establishment of a peace corner for their room at home including a peace sign with the colours of the positive qualities, power beads (similar to prayer beads made from the colours again).

A compassionate note to self to offer words of wisdom for those hard moments, an intention stone to be used for grounding and to place in one’s pocket to access as a reminder of what we really want to create in the world, and an intention wheel that can be used the same way but that remains in the peace corner for daily practice.

Finding the Masterful Healer Within: Tapping the Well of Inner Peace

In addition, I ran a workshop at the Integrative Medicine Centre of Santa Barbara. Using primarily Step 4, Perspective, we covered the neuroscience of meditation in a talk called Finding the Masterful Healer Within: Tapping the Well of Inner Peace.

Here we discovered the incredible power of meditation to assist us in re-wiring the neural networks of our brain and discussed the importance of intentionally thinking in a way that reflects our goals and values, as well as focusing on beliefs about self and others that are wholesome and nourishing.

To eliminate the barrier of “I am not doing it right” attendees were given “permission” to have a busy mind, especially if they were new to a meditative practice.

The organiser of this group session has shared that new practices are indeed being established and that it is already making a difference in the lives of those who are consciously re-wiring their neural networks through the various techniques we explored.

With these skills that have led to this certification, I finally feel I have the tools to be the change I wish to see in the world and to rebound mindfully and lovingly when I discover a stumbling block.

My gratitude to Pam Cayton and her team for the offerings, which are clearly contributing a major positive ripple to the world.