Start of the Rainbow in Argentina

Fundacion Educacion Universal Patagonia Argentina, a new FDCW national group, is thrilled to share the beginning of its Rainbow programme for developing compassion and wisdom.

The programme combines elements of 3 Universal Education programmes (16G, Creating Compassionate Cultures and Transformative Mindfulness Methods) into one.

Ceci and Ale who established the Argentinian national group have used their training and skills to develop it.

In May they had the first session of the programme in Trevelin, Chubut province, South Patagonia. Starting first with Mindfulness, they organised a full weekend workshop.

They had 15 people attend, receiving an introduction to the practice of mindfulness. Ale and Cecilia presented both the practical as well as the theoretical background, along with cutting-edge neuroscience research, with many opportunities for sharing experiences and practicing together.

This group continues to gather once a month for three hours to consolidate the practice and also share the introduction of one of the 16 Guidelines so they can reflect and work with it during the following month.