News from The Potential Project

Potential Project is happy to share that we have now trained over 50,000 individuals in 360+ companies worldwide in the Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training Program. It’s a true joy for us, as we can see that the practice helps the employees and leaders alike to become more mindful, happy and compassionate.

We are now starting to move towards including more compassion training in our approach, by first launching an internal compassion training program for our trainers. This internal program will commence in autumn as preparation for a new compassion-training program in corporations, which we will launch in 2018.

As part of this, our new book with Harvard Business Review will launch in March 2018. This book includes interviews of 200+ CEO’s and C-suite executives from Microsoft, McKinsey, Lego etc. and includes assessments and surveys of 30,000+ leaders from 120 countries. The three core concepts of the book are mindfulness, selflessness and compassion in leadership.

As for other events in Potential Project we also have our annual Global Gathering for trainers in October with a retreat lead by Roshi Joan Halifax. Further, we have scheduled retreats for our people with B. Alan Wallace and Glen Svensson.

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