Latest from the Potential Project

Potential Project is happy to share some successes we are celebrating in this second half of 2017. We have now trained almost 100,000 people in organizations around the world and have had some great developments with our global clients. Currently we have trained 20 internal trainers within the global consulting firm Accenture and these trainers are to train employees within Accenture in Potential Project’s mindfulness program. So far more than 50 mindfulness programs have been conducted and in the next 11 months it is estimated that an additional 20,000 Accenture employees will go through the program. Another agreement has also been established with the global IT/networking company Cisco and Potential Project has so far trained 5 internal trainers and estimates are that 35,000 Cisco employees will go through the program over the next 30 months.

The manuscript of our new book, Mind of the Leader, has also just been finished and handed in to Harvard Business Publishing that will publish it in March 2018. It has been a long process of writing it, including significant data collection where Potential Project trainers have interviewed more than 50 C-suite executives. You can get a taster of the content of the book in this video on Mindfulness, Compassion and Selflessness and in this Mind of the Leader - Compassion Keynote by Rasmus Hougaard, Potential Project’s Managing Director.

We celebrated these achievements at our annual Global Gathering for all our trainers which took place last week in Northern Spain. We were over 80 Potential Project trainers and staff at the 3-day retreat with Roshi Joan Halifax and then spent 3 days together sharing, planning and developing how we can continue to be of service to organizations around the world.