Read about the Guiding Teachers, Board, Staff, Local Groups and Volunteers that make the work of FDCW a reality. If you support our mission and objectives, please consider becoming one of the people who will help to make this happen!

Mission and Principles

FDCW is dedicated to promoting peace in the world through Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom, a system of inner development that enables people of all ages, cultures and traditions to lead a happy and meaningful life and to be of service to others.


FDCW was set up in 2005 to take forward the vision of ‘a new kind of education for the world’, first developed in the early 1980s by a Tibetan Buddhist teacher called Lama Yeshe.


FDCW is very grateful for the steady support it has received from a small number of corporate sponsors, foundations and individuals. It is now seeking to widen its donor base and to develop its income-generating activities.


FDCW is registered in the UK as an educational charity and a company limited by guarantee. It also has a wholly-owned trading subsidiary called Compassion and Wisdom Services.

Annual Reviews

FDCW puts together a short review at the end of each year to share key successes and challenges with benefactors and supporters.