Guiding Teachers

The three guiding teachers of FDCW are The Dalai Lama (Patron), Lama Yeshe (Founder) and Lama Zopa (Honorary President).


FDCW has eight Board members from six different countries, who together offer a wide range of professional experience in areas such as: education; healthcare; finance and business development; marketing and communications; and non-profit management.


FDCW has a core staff team of five based in London UK, supported by a range of international consultants, Advisory Groups and volunteers.

Local Groups

FDCW is committed to supporting the flourishing of Universal Education in whatever way is most appropriate to local cultures and needs. Our long-term vision is for an international network of FDCW local groups.


Developing Universal Education, and making it available to as many people as possible around the world, is both a challenging and rewarding task. If you support our mission and objectives, please consider becoming one of the people who will help to make this happen!