UE in action

In this section you can read about how Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom programmes are being applied.

Individuals, Family and Community

Community-based learning programmes that enable people of all ages, cultures and traditions to develop their ability to live in an ethical way, to draw out their own unique strengths and positive qualities, and to explore how they can offer service to others.


Learning programmes that offer educators a philosophical and practical framework to cultivate self-awareness, contentment, empathy and compassion in themselves and in the children, young people and adults that they work with.

Youth Work

Resources and methods that can be directly incorporated into your daily work whether group activities, one to one, or the challenges of collaborating with or managing your own team.

Health and Social Care

A person-centred approach that equips health and social care practitioners to take better care of themselves and the people they serve, through emphasising the importance of reflective practice and the development of emotional intelligence and resilience.


Programmes and resources that improve personal productivity and professional performance, demonstrating that it is possible to remain deeply focused, fully present, high-performing and at ease even in the midst of a busy working life.

Stop! And breathe…

Take a couple of minutes to pause to calm your body and mind by trying our 7-11 breathing exercise

Gratitude glasses

Here is an exercise to get you thinking about your perspective and how might you view your challenges differently.