Montse’s story

Montse Bolaño

Montse is a graduate in Fine Arts and has 25 years’ experience as a secondary school teacher in Spain (ages 12 to 18). She first contacted FDCW in 2006, led by her interest in improving education both in her role as a teacher and as a mother of three. The following year, she attended the 16 Guidelines for Children course in Pomaia, Italy, and since then has done further training in The 16 Guidelines, as well as the methodology of The Seven Steps and Transformative Mindfulness Methods.

Based on this, Montse developed a course called ArtèTIC (‘Arts and Ethics’), which uses art and new technologies to raise ethical awareness. In 2010, after two rounds of testing the course as an elective course for boys aged 14 to 16, Montse applied successfully for a grant from the Government of Catalonia. This allowed her to develop the online ArtèTIC portal, which makes the complete course available to teachers, including content, methodology and lesson plans, and is now available in both Catalan and Spanish.

Montse has participated in several national conferences to publicise both the ArtèTIC project and the philosophy of Universal Education for Compassion and Wisdom, and since 2013 has been teaching the course at Institut Premià de Mar, near Barcelona, as well training teachers from the United States in the ArtèTIC methodology.

What prompted you to become involved with Universal Education?

Seeing the need for a different education that addresses all aspects of the person and enhances the best in each human being.

What is the most important outcome for you?

For me, the most important outcomes have been the ability to apply the philosophy of UE in public education and to create materials that can serve other teachers.

How are you planning to apply what you have learnt from Universal Eduction in your life, work or community?

My experience as a teacher helps me to grow and integrate everything I have learnt into my personal life.

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