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16G L1 | Building Inner Strength

April 19 @ 16:00 - April 21 @ 12:30

16G L1 | Building Inner Strength

About the Retreat

During this weekend retreat, we will explore embodied mindfulness and universal ethical values as part of the 16 Guidelines for Life Program. The 16G program, developed by the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom, provides a simple, robust and flexible framework for reflecting on the ways we think, act, relate to others and find meaning. The program provides mindfulness-based practical tools to bring about positive change.

By noticing our patterns of thinking, speaking and acting through mindfulness and self-enquiry, we can begin to build inner strength which enables us to break through limiting beliefs, transform our relationships, make better decisions, and find more peace of mind.

Drawing on proven techniques from positive psychology, social justice practices, neuroscience and centuries-old Eastern philosophy, this program offers an ethical, holistic approach to self-improvement and cultural change. As well as meditation there will be interactive activities and relaxed discussion.

What you’ll learn:

  • An ethical framework that inspires more purpose in life and deepens experience in mindfulness as an embodied practice.
  • Practical tools to build inner strength which will benefit relationships and embrace community
  • A fresh perspective on daily life, available choices and actions
  • Enhanced capacity for reflection, resulting in more well-being, emotional resilience and creative action


Jane Lewis:-Jane has 30 years experience in adult education – in applied psychology, critical thinking and Reflexive Anti-Racism. She is an accredited 16 Guidelines Level 1 facilitator.

Martin Ström-Martin is a psychologist and registered FPMT teacher and has taught mindfulness in corporate settings for many years. He founded the FPMT Centre Yeshin Norbu in Stockholm, Sweden and is on the board of the Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom

Carmela Quimbo-Carmela is a social worker, pastoral care worker and Buddhist chaplain, currently training as an inter-spiritual guide / companion. She is dedicated to developing ways of being that support deep connection with ourselves, other beings and the world we live in.

Who is this retreat for?

This retreat is for people of all ages and backgrounds who are seeking practical tools to bring about positive change in their life, home, relationships, community or workplace. It will be of particular interest to change-makers, to anyone working in education, health care and the helping professions, to Yoga, embodiment & mindfulness teachers, to coaches and mentors and to those with an interest in corporate and organisational well being.


For more information and bookings, please visit Atisha Centre – 16 Guidelines



16G L1 | Building Inner Strength

April 19 @ 16:00 - April 21 @ 12:30