Mission: Spreading light around the world

FDCW supports people to develop their compassion and wisdom for a happier life.

By understanding our mind more deeply, examining our emotions and appreciating the interconnection of all life, we develop wisdom and a concern for others.

This brings us courage, energy and resilience. We become a source of strength, inspiration and comfort to others. We feel a sense of universal responsibility towards ourselves, everyone else and our planet in a light, joyful way.

FDCW offers a wide range of training, courses and resources to support you on every step of this journey towards a happier life.

Our Activity

What We Do

From educational transformation to community enrichment, FDCW is passionate about bringing compassionate wisdom to the heart of human interaction.

Universal Ethics

At the heart of FDCW’s work lies the 16 Guidelines for Life, providing a robust framework for ethical living that informs and enriches all our activities. Through these guidelines, we offer practical tools for cultivating compassion, wisdom, and a deeper sense of responsibility towards ourselves and the world around us.


To aid individuals in their journey towards personal growth and understanding, FDCW provides a rich array of resources. This includes the 16 Guidelines book, Building Inner Strength course, and the 16 Guidelines app, all tailored to deepen knowledge and practice of the 16 Guidelines for a happier life.

Community Engagement

Our facilitators use the 16 Guidelines as an ethical compass to guide community engagement. By facilitating workshops, discussion groups, and projects, they cultivate spaces for sharing, learning, and collective growth, nurturing a culture of universal responsibility and interconnectedness.

Watch this Welcome Address

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

From FDCW's Compassion & Wisdom in Action Conference


What Our Community Says

Uncover the power of compassion and wisdom

Embark on a transformative journey with FDCW. The 16 Guidelines for Life: The Basics book is rich in insights and practical wisdom, are designed to guide you towards a life of compassion and understanding. Discover the depth of our offerings by downloading the 16 Guidelines and start your path to personal and communal enrichment today.