Andrea Husnik

  • Country of Residence: Austria
  • Speciality: Education, training in hospices  
  • Accredited to facilitate: Building Balanced Empathy
  • Languages: German

Andrea Husnik, former schoolteacher and later environmental councelor is a registered DB-FPMT teacher and accredited Building Balanced Empathy facilitator based in Austria. She offers courses in German.

From Andrea

My particular interests are in aged or elder care, I  have worked in aged care and with the more vulnerable in the broader  community and their carers.

Thanks to the FDCW, especially through the Building Balance Empathy (BBE) program, I have found a great way to facilitate the understanding and unfolding of compassion and wisdom in participants based on the development of the balanced empathy and discernment that BBE promotes.

I am sure Universal Education will help me improve in both my roles as a teacher of Discovering Buddhism (since over 20 years) and introduction courses (fpmt programm) and also as a facilitator of the BBE program.