Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw

  • Country of Residence: Canada
  • Speciality: Mentorship, coaching
  • Languages: English

Dekyi-Lee Oldershaw has been developing Universal Education programs, resources and training for more than 30 years. She founded Transformative Mindfulness Methods, a partner program of FDCW based on using the power of the mind to heal oneself and our relationship with others. She is the co-founder with Alison Murdoch of the successful 16 Guidelines for Life program. She co-authored the book 16 Guidelines for Life. She is trained in the latest course developed by FDCW called Building Balanced Empathy.  While no longer facilitating directly…prefers to occasionally advise on a voluntary basis about the role of effective facilitation.

 Dekyi-Lee suffered a life-changing accident 5 years ago and prefers to offer mentorship and coaching to facilitators and those looking to adapt and create Universal Education programs. She brings a wealth of experience, warmth and insight into her work. She pioneered the 16 Guidelines program adapted as the ethics of mindfulness for the University of Toronto’s Applied Mindfulness and Meditation Program.