Denise Flora

  • Country of residence: USA
  • Speciality: Materials for personal practice, mindful eating, tools for keeping virtue in mind all day.
  • Accredited to facilitate: 16 G Level 1 and 2, 16G for Children and Teens, Building Balanced Empathy and Unlocking Your Potential
  • Languages: English

Denise Flora is a 16 Guidelines Level 1 and 2, 16G for Children and Teens as well as Building Balanced Empathy and Unlocking Your Potential facilitator based in North Carolina (USA). She can deliver workshops in English.

From Denise

“Bringing to mind the principles of 16G and other Universal Education (UE) initiatives benefits me every single day. They provided the framework for so many meaningful moments – in quiet reflection alone as well as in heart-felt discussions with family members, community members, and people all across this amazing planet. More than any other path, I consider myself a UE practitioner.

Geshe Gelek handed me a 16G booklet in 2006 and it immediately resonated as common vocabulary we could use in our spiritually diverse family. My sister is a nun while I am drawn to secular ethics and the social science of how we each think, act, relate and find meaning.

First I was an engineer; now I teach music. My home turf includes both the science and art of a meaningful life. I practice, facilitate, and write UE materials* for both adults and children. Any subject can be used to help us tap into and grow the wisdom and compassion that make each day more meaningful. My goal is always to acknowledge the diverse learners we are, and to hold a space for each of us to do our discovery.

For more, search The Rhythm of Virtue, Three Wishes for a Meaningful Life, Ready Set Happy, and”

To watch Denise speak about her work with the 16G, check out Alison Murdoch’s session at the Big Love Festival in November 2020, visit the festival main page.