Dreamers Home

Established in 2018, Dreamers’ Home is an Israeli NGO dedicated to creating positive social and spiritual change. The implementation of the 16 Guidelines (16G) program is central to their work.

The organization actively works in areas of education, welfare, and health, aiming to support and uplift weakened populations. Dreamers’ Home integrates Western and Eastern philosophies and practices, aligning with the core principles of the 16G – transforming thought, action, relationships, and life’s meaning.

Dreamers’ Home offers a variety of programs including workshops, lectures, and activities. These are tailored to diverse community needs and are accessible in Hebrew, Arabic, and English. The focus is on breaking down restrictive self-perceptions, improving interpersonal relationships, enhancing decision-making skills, and fostering resilience, especially during challenging times.

Through its commitment to the 16 Guidelines, Dreamers’ Home not only educates and inspires individuals and communities but also actively cultivates a culture of compassion, understanding, and non-violence.

Learn more about Dreamers’ Home and their impactful work in implementing the 16 Guidelines in Israel here: https://www.dreamers.org.il/home-en