Germán Rodríguez Vicente

  • Country of residence: Spain
  • Speciality: Education, Families, Teens, Children
  • Accredited to facilitate: Building Balanced Empathy, Unlocking Your Potential
  • Languages: Spanish, Catalan

Germán is a social educator living and working in Barcelona, Spain. He is an accredited Building Balanced Empathy and Unlocking Your Potential facilitator and offers courses in Spanish and Catalan.

From Germán

I’m very happy to be part of the Building Balanced Empathy program. In my opinion it offers a very good opportunity to discover the connection between what happens inside of us and what happens in our relationships. For me the approach offered by this course, allows the person to connect with something that is, on the one hand, inner and singular, and, on the other hand, common to all others.

This work can enable us to develop a view that knows not only how to attend to our needs but also understand and attend to the needs of others. It can also affect the quality of our relationships, increasing our self-confidence to become more responsible towards others. Starting from the importance of being aware of our vulnerability and our capacity to transform it, we can discover new ways of relating to our children, family, friends or co-workers. The program is a good way of developing the essence of the Universal Education vision.