Gilda María Urbina Villarreal

  • Country of Residence: Mexico
  • Speciality: Psychotherapy and education
  • Accredited to facilitate: Building Balanced Empathy
  • Languages: Spanish

Gilda lives in Mexico and holds an MA in Psychology. She is an accredited Building Balanced Empathy facilitator offering courses in Spanish in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries.

From Gilda

I am a Buddhist for many years and have been greatly favored by its Teachings all this time. In my work as a psychotherapist and as a group facilitator, I want to apply the essence of Dharma without the religious content so that people of any belief can benefit from their incredible Wisdom. Thanks to Lama Yeshe, to his compassionate vision, we have the FCDW and its lay programs that help us reach all people without distinction of race, belief or educational level. I believe that the development of empathy through BBE is of great benefit in a world where the emotions and interests of others are hardly taken into account.