Janna Weiss

  • Country of Residence: USA
  • Speciality: teaching and facilitating , human rights, Chinese medicine
  • Accredited to facilitate: 16G level 1 &2 and Unlocking Your Potential
  • Languages: English and Hebrew

Janna Weiss currently practices acupuncture and teaches mind science in New York City. She holds a PhD from the University of Texas Austin in Biological Sciences – Botany (ethnobotany). Janna is also a human rights activist and blogger, for peace, for Tibet and for the rights of people with psychosocial disabilities. Janna began studying Tibetan Buddhism with Dharma Friends of Israel in 2005. She is an accredited 16G level 1 & 2 and Unlocking Your Potential facilitator. Janna delivers workshops in English (and Hebrew).

From Janna

“I have taught mind science — Buddhist science supported by Western science, as a college course for ten semesters. On the first day of the semester, I handed out the book “16 Guidelines for Life: The Basics,” asked everyone to read one guideline, write down a personal experience related to that guideline, and to share it the following week. At the beginning of the course I also shared that Robert (Bob) Thurman, renowned scholar of Tibetan Buddhism, says that Buddhism is 2/3 not religion and only 1/3 religion. Now Bob Thurman says he’s trying to get His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama to agree that Buddhism is really 5/6 not religion and only 1/6 religion! His Holiness the Dalai Lama is a great proponent and supporter of science-based education for ethics, compassion and wisdom for any human being. I am delighted and grateful to be part of this wonderful visionary community sharing universal education for compassion and wisdom in a language and style that is suitable for our time.