Kitty D’Costa

Country of Residence: UK
Accredited to facilitate: Level 1, Level 2, 16 G for children and teens and Unlocking Your Potential
Languages: English

Based in the Uk, Kitty is a trained accountant and manager with a deep interest in Education, Health & Social Care, Leadership, Youth and Community work.

From Kitty

“Many of us would like to see change: change in our selves or change in relationships or change at work or change in economic policy or change in politics or changes in all these areas and more!

My motivation and vision for working with FDCW is to take part in this great experiment to bring about change with harmony and contentment.

The 16Guidelines is a remarkable programme in that it incorporates the seeds of change and teaches the tools to our knowledge and innate wisdom, so that we increase our perspective and range of understanding that creates inclusivity and community.

Mindfulness is central to all that is taught. It is mindfulness that is the rudder to steer us towards a positive and wholesome way of being.

On a 16Guidelines for life training, all learning styles are cherished; learning is rooted in personal experience making it memorable. Facilitator and participants work together to create an unique environment in which learning, respect, understanding and friendliness flourish. 

You can contact Kitty directly by email : [email protected]