Margarita Kozhevnikova

  • Country of residence: Russia
  • Speciality: philosophy of education, philosophical anthropology, teacher
  • Accredited to facilitate: Unlocking Your Potential
  • Languages: Russian, English and Tibetan

Margarita is an accredited Unlocking Your Potential facilitator and works professionally in the fields of philosophy of education, teacher education, and Buddhist translations. She develops educational programs for adults and children, especially in the style of introduction to practical philosophy. In particular, she teaches Russian teachers in the SEE-learning (Socio-Emotional and Ethical Learning) program developed at Emory University.

She is also a sertified FPMT teacher of ‘Discovering Buddhism’. Margarita is based in St. Petersburg, Russia and delivers workshops in Russian

From Margarita

It seems to me that the emergence of such a course, like many others in the field of self-realization for modern people, is natural. And I am glad that it is possible to explore this subject with this very course, which meets modern needs and at the same time is developed using the system of Buddhist ideas that are close and meaningful to me.

Margarita has studied contemplatives sciences and practiced for over 30 years in India, Dharamshala and Russia and completed her own solitary retreats.