Marianne Knox

  • Country of residence: USA
  • Speciality: Educational Kinesiology, Mindfulness, social change
  • Accredited to facilitate: 16 Guidelines level 1 and 2
  • Languages: English

From Marianne

Marianne is an Educational Kinesiologist, specializing in human development and a Certified Applied Mindfulness Specialist.  For 17 years, she’s guided clients through her proprietary MK Method™ and NeuroMindfulness®, expanding self-awareness in adults and children to help them reach their fullest potential and achieve emotional freedom.

She has certifications in Educational and Developmental Kinesiology (BI) and Applied Specialization in Mindfulness (University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work). She weaves the 16Gs throughout her all her offerings to promote positive global change throughout humanity. Marianne is an accredited 16G Level 1 and 2 Facilitator.

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