Marisa Femenia

  • Country of Residence: Spain
  • Speciality: Education, Family constellations, Gestalt therapy
  • Accredited to facilitate: 16 Guidelines level 1 and 2
  • Languages: Spanish

Marisa lives in Madrid, Spain and has a background in education working for 30 years as an elementary teacher. She met the Buddhist teachings when she turned 30 and for many years she tried to convey to the children what she was learning from her teachers. Currently she coordinates the Universal Education group in Madrid.

From Marisa

What I discovered is that children have a great spiritual sensitivity, and they quickly resonate with simple instructions of meditation, visualization and reflection based on wisdom and compassion.

I never had any problems in the school I was working because the result of what I proposed was happiness, the desire to learn, and a good relationship with friends.

After a few years, I went to Ibiza to do a course with Pam Cayton on the 7 steps, and there I discovered a system that gave structure to the work that I proposed in my classes.

In 2010, my colleague Aurora and myself, attended the “Education with a Heart” gathering in Barcelona, the Universal Education group that I currently coordinate in Madrid was born there. We gathered 30 people and began to investigate Lama Yeshe’s proposal. Claudio Naranjo says that what in Buddhism is called suffering in the West is called neurosis and i agree because I have linked the 16 attitudes with mental health. Every time we go deeper, and I always speak in plural because this group is doing a very important inner work of commitment and transformation that surprises me day by day, I see that the teachings of Lama Yeshe and his way of approaching Westerners’s minds, is rooted in this connection with the inner world, from a secular and universal perspective.