Martha Cabral

  • Country of residence: Mexico
  • Speciality: Health and Social Care, Youth work, Community
  • Accredited to facilitate: Level 1, Level 2, 16G for Children and Teens, Building Balanced Empathy and Unlocking Your Potential
  • Languages: English, Spanish

Martha is based in Mexico and she is an accredited facilitator for 16 Guidelines Levels 1 and 2, 16 Guidelines for Children and Teens as well as Building Balanced Empathy and Unlocking your Potential delivering courses in English and Spanish.

From Martha

I am a sexologist and sexual psychotherapist. I am also a facilitator of human development courses, and I have always liked working with people. I love helping.

Since the very first time I took the 16 Guidelines course in 2010, I literally fell in love with it. I think the course is not only interesting and fun, but very useful, especially in this moment, when many people have lost hope and need to find effective ways of facing life.

In my opinion this modern times have made possible that we talk with others who live in the other side of the planet, but sometimes it is almost impossible to have a clear and respectful communication with the ones we live with.

The 16 Guidelines course is a very useful tool for finding a way how we can live life in a better way, using our own values. In this course we will discover how, what we think and do impact in the result of our search for happiness.

I really love facilitating this course, I enjoy seeing how people, through the 16 Guidelines, discover their own tools to make life much better and enjoyable. I am very lucky to be able to help in this process.