Pilar Maldonado

  • Country of residence: Mexico
  • Speciality: Youth and children work in the outdoors
  • Accredited to facilitate: 16G Level 1 and 16G for children and teens
  • Languages: English, Spanish

Pilar is based in Mexico and she is an accredited facilitator for 16 Guidelines Levels 1 and 16 G for children and teenagers, delivering courses in Spanish.

To watch Pilar’s session (in Spanish) at the Big Love Festival in November 2020, visit the festival main page.

From Pilar

I love the 16 Attitudes program. I have applied them for many years personally and with my family and in my community. I have made them mine and they are my day to day.

The 16 Guidelines have been very helpful and since I attended the Level 1, I was convinced that it was the material I wanted to work with, applying it in camps for children.

I am an industrial designer by profession and a very creative individual by nature.

I think that in this modern world technology has made possible to talk with others who live on the other side of the planet but sometimes it is almost impossible to have a clear and respectful communication with the people we live with.

I am married and I have 2 children, with my family we started a beautiful project organizing cultural outdoor camps for children with lots of activities exploring self awareness and self development.

I am convinced that the use of the 16 Guidelines is being very beneficial in the work we do and I consider myself very lucky to be able to share them with family, friends and anyone who wishes to become a better person and enjoy a happier life.