Rachel Ryer

  • Country of Residence: USA
  • Speciality: Education
  • Accredited to facilitate: 16G level 1, Building Balanced Empathy, Unlocking Your Potential
  • Languages: English

Rachel is a teacher, educator and FPMT registered teacher based in Santa Fe. She is an accredited 16G level 1, Building Balanced Empathy and Unlocking Your Potential facilitator available to offer workshops in English in the USA.

From Rachel

Education and an investigation of ethics have infused every aspect of my life. I began to study Buddhism in earnest over 35 years ago. When my own daughter was young, the Dalai Lama was already saying clearly that secular ethics was essential for every human being; this inspired me to become a teacher. 20 years ago, at Yaxche Learning Community in Taos, NM under the guidance of Ven. Connie Miller, Universal Education became a part of our lived experience and my training as a teacher. Over time, teaching any subject has become a platform for a quiet presentation of simple common values and an exploration of what it means to be morally developing.

I am quite honored and excited to be eligible to facilitate the Building Balanced Empathy (BBE) program which I believe is a wonderful distillation of some of the most important and crucial ways of being in the world today.