Raquel Mason

  • Country of residence: India, Spain
  • Speciality: Schools, Adults and young people
  • Accredited to facilitate: 16G Level 1
  • Languages: English and Spanish

Raquel is an accredited 16G Level 1 facilitator based in Spain and India, she is interested in offering FDCW’s programs to the younger public, specially in schools,

Raquel is the manager of the Akshy Association, a non profit organization set up to promote the development of the most disadvantaged rural communities in India, especially underprivileged communities, for that reason they work in the eradication of extreme poverty and the creation of a more equitable society, listening to the needs of the population in the first person

Raquel enjoys working with teachers in schools so that they are be able to share the 16G programme with their students. In India and she is ready to facilitate 16G courses with a translator into Hindi.