Ven Amy Miller

  • Country of residence: USA
  • Speciality: hospice work; work with children, teens, and millenials; interfaith work
  • Accredited to facilitate: Building Balanced Empathy
  • Languages: English

Ven Amy is a registered FPMT teacher and a facilitator of Building Balanced Empathy. She is based in the Philadelphia area in the USA and delivers workshops in English.

From Ven Amy

After some years of working in politics in the United States with the interest to bring about positive change in the world, I became frustrated by the amount of ego involved. It seemed there must be a more effective and authentic way to help people. Fortunately, I then came into contact with two extraordinary beings,  His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and a methodology that has since convinced me that there is a better way.

If we are able to develop our mind through subduing imbalance and enhancing positive qualities, kindness may have a way of prevailing. This seems essential to the work in which I am interested and integral to creating healthy relationships on the planet.  Building Balanced Empathy seems to help us explore how better to create those relationships through investigating our own connection with compassion, kindness, and all that interrupts those experiences. Hopefully this program can then lead us to engage with others who wish to develop those positive qualities in themselves.

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