Ven Lobsang Détchèn

  • Country of residence: France
  • Speciality: Yoga, Community work, End of life work, Buddhism.
  • Accredited to facilitate: Building Balanced Empathy, Unlocking Your Potential
  • Languages: English, French

Ven Détchèn is based in France, is a FDCW accredited facilitator and delivers courses in French and English. She is a registered FPMT teacher since 2010 and enjoys making the Buddha’s teachings available to different audiences (traditional as well as secular). Lobsang Détchèn met Buddhism in Nepal in 2002 and was ordained as a nun in 2006.

From Ven Détchèn

The Dharma completely changed my life, I was completely lost before I met the teachings, wandering through life like a blind person.

I serve as director and translator for Éditions Mahayana and being a translator is really how I approach any workshop that I facilitate: I think of myself as a bridge. A bridge between the wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings that I have the great fortune to study and the West. A bridge between the traditional approach and our western way of thinking and the modern world.  I like to adapt the variety of tools that come from the tradition to different audiences and feel very fortunate to be able to share my experiences with different people.