Venerable Thubten Khadro

  • Country of residence: The world
  • Speciality:Palliative care, Health, Social care, Community, Youthwork
  • Accredited to facilitate: Level 1 and 2
  • Languages: English and Spanish

Ven Khadro is a 16 Guidelines Level 1 and 2 facilitator based all around the world!. She can deliver workshops in English and Spanish

From Ven. Khadro

The first time I heard about the 16G I thought “this is it, this is what our world needs, secular universal values!!!”. So I was inmediately drawn to them. My parents put effort in my education, and I’m very grateful for that, but the education I received didn’t quite give me a framework to become a better human being or tools to work with my emotions and with life’s experience in general.

 It was through coming in contact with the 16G, with my spiritual teachers and friends that I could find that framework, that I could do my inner work and transformation. To learn what I need to abandon and what I need to develop and enhance, so in turn I can support others on their path of inner finding, inner happiness and peace.