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16G Happy Toolbox for Kids


To celebrate the launch of our latest course 16 Guidelines for Children and Teens, we released a free resource for parents, carers, teachers and anyone working with children called the Happy...

Growing with the 16 Guidelines


Growing with the 16 Guidelines is a taster of activities taken from the resource Root Shoot Bloom (RSB) developed by Denise Flora. In 2020 Denise felt inspired to create a...

Ready, Set, Happy for Children


Ready Set Happy is a collection of songs, poems, plays, games, and scientific experiments for children, families and teachers, based on the 16 Guidelines for Life.

16 to Live By for Teens


16 to Live By is a project that supports young people aged 14 - 19 years in their own lives and communities in taking unified and courageous actions to help...

30 Days of Reflection


To celebrate our new resource Conversations that matter, we have created a free 30-day taster of daily reflections inspired by the 16 Guidelines for Life.

The 16 Guidelines for a Happy Life App


Try the free 16G app and give yourself an ethical wake-up call, in just five minutes a day. Are you looking for a new challenge?  Are you looking to be...

16 Guidelines 16-Day Challenge


Would like to reconnect with the guidelines? Have you been looking for ways to bring the 16 Guidelines into your workplace or into your family life? Download the challenge and...

Printable 16G Card Set


The 16 Guideline Cards are a popular tool and we are now making a printable version available for the first time. Download it in English or Spanish, and create your...

Building Inner Strength - Guide for Discussion Groups


The Building Inner Strength Discussion Group Guide was designed to enable community leaders and group facilitators to offer regular discussion groups based on the 16 Guidelines for Life.

Elder Interviews inspired by the 16 Guidelines for Life


Many of us, especially our seniors, are now isolated and experience increased loneliness which has negative impacts on our physical, social, and mental health. Use this resource to find meaningful...

Conversations that Matter


Conversations That Matter offers a new way of bringing inspiration for wise and compassionate action based on the 16 Guidelines for Life. The purpose of the guide is to inspire...

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