Empathy Summit Recording & Recap

Mutual Empathy, Listening and Dialogue to Improve Relationships

This inaugural Empathy Summit marked the beginning of a series of virtual Empathy Summits held every two months by volunteers connected with the Empathy Center and other co-sponsors, including FDCW and the Peace Alliance. Janna Weiss brokered this useful partnership between FDCW and the Empathy Center.

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Discussions and Global Examples of Empathy

Kathy Kidd did a fantastic job moderating the Empathy Summit which ran smoothly & intensely for nearly 3 hours. The initial discussion with BJ Guiden & Liz Graydon on empathy equals equity was a useful deepening of reflections on fairness. The dialogue between Jeremy Solomons, a Kigali-based leadership consultant, peace activist & writer & his wife Merveille brought their work after the genocide in Rwanda very movingly alive. Lou Zweier gave a very informative explanation of the Community Listening Conversations he has initiated locally.

FDCW’s Involvement and Impact

FDCW’s part of the summit (starts at 1hr 11min) was professionally hosted from the heart by Victoria & two FDCW facilitators. Victoria explained FDCW’s methods & impact internationally. Mabel Odessey from France explored how we work with our minds & methods for transforming self-violence, blaming & shaming. The meditation Mabel led was a welcome change of pace. Niv Agam from Israel developed the link between self-psychology & empathy. He shared some of the work of Dreamers Home & Social Magic in integrating the 16 Guidelines values into organizations such as schools in Israel.

The Empathy Café

The Summit then moved into a participatory phase – an Empathy Café for 80 minutes with Empathy Circles involving nearly 50 people, all using Edwin Rutsch’s method that supports dialogue based on active listening & which is a first step tool to help build a Culture of Empathy.

Closing Remarks and Reflections

By the end of the summit the topics covered by the eleven inspiring speakers & the Empathy Circles had increased my appetite for exploring more on how mutual empathy, listening & dialogue can decrease polarization, improve relationships, constructively approach conflict, and build resilient communities. Much gratitude to all involved. Let’s work towards building a Culture of Empathy together.

Upcoming Empathy Summits

Saturday, September 2 & 9, 2023

A Review of Empathy Training Programs From Around the World.

20 Empathy Trainers from around the world will introduce their training over 2 Saturdays.

Leads: Edwin Rutsch

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Saturday, November 4, 2023

Why is Empathy Essential in Conflict Mediation?

Leads: Kathleen Oweegon, Linda Bass, BJ Brenda Guiden

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Saturday, January 6, 2024

What is Empathic Leadership and How Can It Be Developed?

Leads: Edwin Rutsch, Mimi Nicklin,Cara Jean Wilson

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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Empathy in the Arts

Leads: Eric Zunga

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