The first ever A.R.T retreat lead in La Réunion

The brave group who embarked on the A.R.T journey together with Nicholas.

“An extraordinary experience, an intense moment of self-discovery and discovery of others. The rediscovery of simple human exchanges, as they should always be. The feeling of being a child again.”

— Florence, retreat guest

“This retreat has done me a lot of good. I am much calmer, less stressed and I thank you for that.”

— Bernadette, retreat guest

Our Facilitator Nicolas Brun has guided the first ever Art of Fulfilment Retreat on the island of La Reunion. The retreat was held in a small house situated in the luscious mountains surrounded by nature and also close to a volcano. There were five guests attending the retreat sharing the space with Nicolas who created a beautiful schedule for the guests to follow.

The retreat covered the A.R.T programme material over the course of 4 days. This immersive and intensive approach to the programme allowed the guests time to reflect on the teachings, spend time in nature and really allow themselves to go deep into the process. The mornings at the retreat began with a mindfulness practice at 7.30am, this was followed by two A.R.T activities throughout the day, one in the morning 9.30am and the second at 3pm. They cooked and shared the daily household tasks together as a community and enjoyed a movie night together as well.

“A magnificent site under the anchored and benevolent gaze of the snow piton, our sleeping volcano, a clear formation very structured in form, luminous in the background because it is based on what I consider to be the founding foundation of my life, open people, measured in their expression, in search of truth with themselves and others, helpful because we had to make the internship happen, all of us involved in the organization. I felt permanently on 2 levels: 1 level of awareness of words, themes, exercises…and 1 intense relational level without attachment, without asperities. Everything was in a kind of fluidity. Thanks to you Nicolas for the quality of your work and to all the people present for their delicacy in listening and exchanging.”

— Denise, retreat guest

Preparing wholesome meals with love <3. Nourishing meals cooked and shared together 🙂

Most of the retreat guests were very new to spiritual training and for one guest this was their first ever experience. Thanks to Nicholas’ kind and calm approach to facilitating the course materials, each individual had an enriching and memorable experience on this step on their journey. Here are some comments from the retreat guests about their experience:

“This workshop brings me a lot and gives me a better self-esteem and self-esteem for myself and others. I am now trying to develop good habits and do a 15-minute meditation in the morning. I have more energy and a better understanding of events.I advise those who want to bring more serenity and joy in their lives to do this course, they may find the keys to a better well-being. ~ ”

— Jessy, retreat guest

“It has been an incredible human experience, something very deep happened during the retreat and they say they are ready to do it again or do level 2 if it happen to be one day.”

— Nicolas, Facilitator

Thank you to Nicholas for guiding such an inspiring retreat and congratulations to the group for their success in the A.R.T programme. If you are a facilitator and would like to know more about leading the A.R.T programme as a retreat style then please get in touch!

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