16 Guidelines at Maitreya School in Bodhgaya, India

Empowering the teachers to share the qualities of the 16 Guidelines for Life
with their school children.

16 Guidelines at Maitreya School in Bodhgaya, India.

12 teachers attended the training of the 16 Guidelines for Life in Bodhgaya, India – including all the teachers at Maitreya School. The training lasted three days.

During the first day, participants explored the first two Wisdom Themes of the Guidelines namely; How We Think and How We Act. The second day covered the third and fourth Wisdom Themes; How We Relate to Others and How We Find Meaning. On the final day, the teachers learned exercises to share with children in order to integrate the universal values embodied in the 16 Guidelines for Life.

Empowering the teachers

Our focus was on sharing, empowering and investigating the values in the Guidelines thoroughly. We wanted to empower the teachers to feel confident in designing their own exercises to try with the children.

Making a difference

Maitreya School teachers now have 25 different exercises to integrate the qualities of the Guidelines with the school children. The exercises are culturally appropriate for the local children.

“The 16G workshop that we did for 3 days has brought a big smile on my face and in my heart. It was very well planned and organised. It helped me to bring myself close to my colleagues. I feel more connected and more open.” Anshu, teacher

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