A letter for our Executive Director

 At FDCW we believe that by encouraging people to develop their compassion and wisdom we will create a kinder, peaceful and loving world. As conditions around the world worsen, the case for compassion becomes stronger and stronger. Our programs, resources and videos equip people with the tools they need to develop a more compassionate attitude and to become an active part of the change our world needs.

I would love to share with you some highlights from this year. FDCW has had another impactful year reaching into many new areas and audiences to share tools for cultivating a warm heart and kinder mind. We’ve designed and launched new programs, provided high quality training, developed new partnerships and convened an inspiring webinar series exploring Compassion.

Our expanded and improved digital resources have led to significant growth in our online community. We reached an audience of over 50,000 people this year, through our events, videos and meditations (and an even larger audience if you include the networks of all our 100+ global facilitators too!).

We designed and launched a new online 16 Guidelines facilitator training with interactive Study Platform. We delivered four training forums and created online “coffee breaks” for support and community building.

We partnered with a non-profit called Dreamers Home in Israel to train 25 new facilitators. The 16 Guidelines are now available in Hebrew and Arabic and the 16 Guidelines program has been approved for use in Israeli schools. We also sponsored a training in 16 Guidelines for University students and non-profit workers at The Joedy Foundation in Kenya that supports students’ mental health.  We also co-hosted events with Science and Wisdom and with the Council of Europe.

“The 16 Guidelines course we hosted in Israel enabled Arabic women to join in because of the universal, non-religious presentation. The women had a safe space to explore, inquire and express themselves honestly and openly.” – Ofir Levit, Israel

We offered several courses and webinars throughout the year exploring topics such as compassion, the mind and mindfulness. And, we launched a brand new resource Conversations That Matter to explore values, wisdom and compassion in groups and The 16 Day Challenge as a tool to help bring the 16 Guidelines into daily life. We have also seen the 16 Guidelines program have a positive effect in schools in India, at Akshay School, and Mexico, at Comunidad Educativa la Tierra.

Help us to raise £10,000

FDCW wishes to provide even more resources and services during 2023 so that we can reach even more people who urgently need these tools for transformation.

We have already received support from a very small number of generous benefactors during 2022.

But we still need to raise £10,000 in order to meet our operational expenses during 2023. In particular we would love to have the support of monthly donors who understand the need for more compassion and wisdom in this world and are willing to help us on a regular basis.

Please consider becoming part of this mission for big love. For everyone.

FDCW provides so much and we are just getting started…

With big love,

Victoria Coleman

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